The highest

At Seald Sweet, food safety is our highest priority, and it goes well beyond legal compliance and obtaining certifications. We believe it’s not only Quality Department’s mission but everyone’s responsibility.

We’re committed to providing high-quality products that are safe for consumers. All levels of our supply chain, from farm to retailer, are held to the highest quality, safety, and hygiene standards.

We are an Organic Certified Handling and Processing Facility. Most recent certificate of November 2023.

Our facility scored 99%
during the last audit conducted in June 2023 by Control Union.

Our facility passed the Costco Code of Conduct Audit, which ensures human rights, safety, and dignity of contributors.

Our processes

  • We work on each step of the supply chain for cold chain management, traceability management, quality standards (sugar content, and visual appearance)
  • Our entire supply chain, across all our partners
    around the world are FSMA certified
  • Our facility is Global Food Safety Initiative compliant, for which we’re proud to have reached the highest score of 99
  • Our grower lots are tracked for traceability
  • Third-party inspections are conducted by our partnered packers and storage/distribution facilities. To make sure they meet Seald Sweet customers’ needs, they have minimum passing requirements for their audits.

Yes, we are going a step above

Food Safety has always been a critical component of our business, and now we are taking that to the next level.

We collaborate closely with retailers, sharing knowledge across our entire supply chain. By serving as a resource for all stakeholders, we utilize our platform to elevate awareness for crucial aspects such as food safety, traceability, fair trade, and responsible sourcing.

We will use our years of food safety experience, coupled with industry volunteer positions, to evaluate our supply chain partners knowledge and create a culture of food safety well beyond our borders.

Our commitment

We ensure people enjoy our products by making sure they are healthy, safe and tasty, by living up to the expectations of our customers on products and services and ensuring legal compliance.

We are a trusted and reliable business partner to our customers and colleagues, making sure we support them in their ambitions with clear and transparent guidance, from fork to field, from product development to sales, during our products’ lifecycles.

We work together across countries, departments and divisions, establishing common standards, processes, systems and structures, finding the right balance between our common objectives and the local strategies in an effective and efficient way.