Born as a Florida citrus cooperative in 1909, we’ve been known as citrus experts. In the past decade, we’ve expanded our product line and services, going beyond citrus.

Today, we proudly offer a variety of fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables for the whole family to enjoy.

We carefully select the finest produce, ensuring that every bite is bursting with goodness!

Seald Sweet is part of Greenyard Group, a global leader in fresh, frozen, and prepared fruits and vegetables in the world. With sales in more than 80 countries, the Greenyard Group offers a wide assortment to the top EU retailers, fitted to consumer demand.

Being part of Greenyard’s global network with countless worldwide supply chain partners allows us to offer our customers and suppliers a wide range of added-value services.

Logistics USA

Our sister company, Greenyard Logistics USA is a state-of-the-art facility located in Swedesboro, New Jersey.

As a supplier of the largest retailers in the USA, we offer services from storage, packing, private label, cross-docking, and distribution.

Over the years


Grower Cooperative

We were Florida’s oldest and largest fresh citrus marketing company: Florida Citrus Exchange Cooperative. We take pride in saying that we contributed to establishing and modernizing ‘uniform standards’ of importing, exporting, selling, cold storage and repacking protocols, and warehousing operations within the produce industry.


Seald Sweet is born

The Florida Citrus Exchange Cooperative was given a new name: Seald Sweet Growers, with the creation of the famous label “Seald Sweet”!


International Distributor

We were the first US Company to export Florida Citrus to Japan and Europe. After that, we started providing fresh produce to Canada, Pacific Rim, and Latin America.


A Global Sourcer

We merged our expertise with UNIVEG and De Weide Blik America to form Seald Sweet LLC, producing, trading, and distributing a wide range of produce.


And a Packer, too!

To solidify and sustain the growth of Seald Sweet LLC, we ‘leased time’ in a cold storage warehouse and repack facility in New Jersey, close proximity to the Port of Philadelphia.

Deciduous division

We expanded our product line to include grapes and pears.

Greenyard Group

We became part of the Greenyard Group, a publicly listed company leading the European market in fruits and vegetables. This gave us the global reach ‘advantage’ that gave us quite the ‘view’.


Greenyard Logistics

We designed and built a brand-new 152,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, cold storage, warehouse, and repack facility in NJ operated by our sister company “Greenyard Logistics USA”.


Vegetables division

We expanded our horizon and opened a vegetable division in Nogales, Arizona selling cucumbers, bell peppers, corn, and squash.


Tropical division

Continuing to grow, we expanded our product line adding avocados, lychees, ginger, and limes.



Today we service most of the territory within the continental USA from our 5 locations in FL, NJ, AZ, TX, and CA and continue to expand our produce basket!

“Our Fork-to-Field model places us in a unique position
to make a real difference in the food industry.”

Marc Zwaaneveld, co-CEO of Greenyard