Meet some of our growers

All Seald Sweet growers share the same values and beliefs, united in their dedication to creating a healthier future together.

A close relationship

We have grower representatives located in each country where we responsibly source our products.
We work closely with our growers to ensure full transparency in the supply chain.




Here are some of our growers around the world:

Jaslico Avocados

Las Tarascas is a family farm that has been growing premium avocados for over 20 years in Jalisco, Mexico.

Harvested with passion and dedication, the Chacón family is working everyday towards a sustainable future.

Mouton Citrus

Having Mouton Citrus as citrus supplier enables Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet to cooperate with a grower in South Africa that makes a difference in its local communities. We believe in creating a workplace where people are given opportunities to nurture their talent and develop their leadership qualities.

Agualima Mandarins

Agualima is a leading Peruvian agro-export company specializing in clementines cultivation. They prioritize employee professional development and are dedicated to generating a positive impact on the communities where they operate. With a strong focus on sustainability, they actively engage in initiatives that uplift local welfare and ensure responsible agricultural practices. 

Peruvian Grapes

We are proud to be associated with an esteemed grape grower, whose expertise thrives in two strategic and productive zones of Peru: Piura and Ica. Cultivating patented grape varieties from the most renowned breeders, they play a vital role in supplying an exquisite array of grapes to the US, European, Asian, and Latin American markets. From vibrant green and luscious red to rich black grapes, they curate a diverse selection that also includes the popular Red Globe variety. 

Moroccan Mandarins

Packorange-Ag Souss is a leading Moroccan grower, packer, and exporter of citrus and glass-grown tomatoes and peppers for Europe. Their renowned “Nardocott” mandarin is celebrated worldwide for its exceptional quality, making them a thriving force in the industry.

New Jersey Blues

Our New Jersey blueberries are cultivated by a family-run farm with over 55 years of dedication to growing the highest quality fresh blueberries.

The family and their devoted team personally hand-pick or machine-pick each and every berry, ensuring that only the finest ones find their way to your table.

Through their meticulous cultivation techniques and unwavering commitment, every bite of these delicious blueberries is a genuine expression of their passion and care.

Argentinean Limes

“We have been working with Seald Sweet since the admission of Argentinean Lemons into the US and we are extremely satisfied with our partnership. Thanks to them, we can bring our best lemons into United States.

We value their transparency, work ethics, communication, and culture. We are proud to say we grew together, and we look forward for the years to come.” Maria Pia Antoni – Owner and Commercial Director

Mexican Lychees

Our esteemed lychee grower from Mexico has partnered with Seald Sweet for over 20 years.

Collaborating with a network of growers across Mexico, their expertise in cultivating exquisite lychees has solidified their position as a trusted producer. They prioritize sustainable practices and fair compensation, ensuring the highest quality in every aspect of their operations.

Peruvian Limes

Ecosas proudly holds its position as one of Peru’s top agricultural companies. With over 5,000 hectares of dedicated farmland, they boast 120 hectares of Tahiti lime orchards, known for their continuous year-round production.

Their unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability makes Ecosas our cherished supplier of premium limes and Peruvian grapes. By partnering with them, we ensure that our customers receive only the finest products, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future for all involved.

Jalisco Blueberries

With two generations dedicated to cultivating the finest blueberries, the Chacón family upholds a commitment to sustainable practices and preserving the land they love.

The altitude and nutrient-rich soils of Jalisco, Mexico, combined with a great selection of varieties, make this region ideal for producing some of the highest-quality blueberries.