Certifications & Standards

Greenyard develops a variety of standards for its different industrial processes, and so is certified according to several external standards.

  • Independent certification of our processes and facilities
  • All our European facilities are certified according to IFS or BRC

Technical expertise

The added value created by our technical expertise makes Greenyard a important, reliable partner. This is an essential aspect for our customers, as the latter are frequently large companies that operate in highly competitive markets. We are able to help them in many different ways, including technical expertise.

As a major producer in key production areas such as Argentina and South Africa, Greenyard has a large number of technicians and specialists with detailed knowledge and understanding of fruit and vegetable production. These are the people who have the responsibility of translating customer quality expectations into agricultural solutions.

We also have technical expertise in all our packing stations and warehouses, working within the Greenyard QM guidelines.

Training: we place great value on the training and further education of our technicians, to ensure that we are always at the forefront. We also regularly invite customers to be trained by us in order to increase the added value they offer in the market.

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