Rich Lady

Originally from California, USA, these trees are vigorous but slightly weeping in appearance, making the use of props necessary. Blooming early in September, it is harvested in mid-December. A very hardy, good-sized fruit. Sweet with low acidity, deep red in hue over 90% of the surface. Tasting very good, it has high contents of sugar with first-rate aroma. Medium sized freestone bearing lavishly; its post-harvest duration is excellent in cold storages.


Large size, round to slightly irregular shape, good flavour, red to dull red skin, very firm, very heavy producer, one of the industry's most popular shipping peaches.

Zee Lady

Native to USA, with 80 to 90% dark crimson on yellowish orange background and firm tasty yellow flesh, high contents of sugar and excellent aroma. Size medium to large, short pubescence. Freestone small to medium-sized. Short post-harvest duration: 3 weeks.

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