August Red

Originally from California, USA, these upright trees are vigorous and bear prodigiously, blooming at the beginning of September. The fruit is bright red on a yellow hue, oblong to oval in shape, very sweet and of good caliber. Harvested in early February with good post-harvest qualities.

Stark Delicious

Vigorous and productive tree. Big clingstone fruit, big pit, dark red skin in a 50 -60% of the surface over a yellow background. Yellow firm flesh with some red over the pit. It is harvested in the middle of January.

Late Legrand

A moderately vigorous and productive tree, with large, clingstone fruit, crimson coloured on the side exposed to the sun over an orange yellow background. The flesh is firm, yellow veined with red around the pit. It is harvested in February in the Alto Valle (the high valley of the Rio Negro).


Vigorous tree, harvested towards the end of January. Freestone, medium to large in size, crimson skinned, yellow firm fleshed fruit of sweet and fine flavor if fully ripened on the tree. Requires a sunny aspect to fully ripen the fruit. Post-harvest duration: 5 weeks.

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