Packhams Triumph

Vigorous tree, good production; it flowers some days after Williams. The fruit is middle sized with an irregular shape. The pulp is thin textured, juicy, acid, and a little sugared. It can be conserved from 4 to 5 months.

Beurre D'Anjou

Vigorous and productive tree, it starts production slowly, its flowering is at the same time as in Williams. The fruit is light yellow to greenish with a slight pink colour in the sun-facing surface, medium to big sized, typical shape. Buttery, tender, sugared and slightly acid flesh. It can be conserved from 4 to 5 months.

Abate Fetel

Old variety originated in France, very productive and of unmistakable shape. The tree is strong and has a tendency for compact, upright growth. It blooms early and requires a good pollinator. The fruit is elongated and large, the skin yellow with a pink tinge in sun facing surfaces. The flesh is white, very tasty and with excellent flavour.

Beurre Bosc (Kaiser/Emperor Brown)

Discovered in France at the beginning of XIX century, this moderately vigorous tree grows in an upright manner. Late blooming, it is self- fertilising. The fruit is medium to large, it takes on a distinctive golden appearance as it matures, with a fine russet covering the entire surface of the fruit, depending on the variety and on the gold clone. The flesh is fine, crisp and sweet. It is harvested in February and it has little cold storage capability.

Red Bartlett

It was originated in America, from a Bartlett mutation (Williams) discovered in the State of Washington (US). It is a moderately vigorous tree, less productive than Bartlett; Mid to late blooming, early harvesting and short storage capability. There are various clones or varieties like Max Red Bartlett, Sensation, Williams Rosso, etc. The fruit is golden-yellow with a slight red blush, sometimes dotted with russet. The flesh is white, melting, juicy, and tender.

Williams (Bartlett)

Very old variety whose origin is unknown. Highly appreciated for its taste and aroma, this is an extremely vigorous and productive variety, late blooming and early harvesting (middle to end February). The fruit is middle sized, with thick, smooth and yellowish skin when mature. The flesh is white, juicy and aromatic. It is excellent for fresh and conserved consumption.

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