Imperial Seedless (Sugraone)

Middle uniform bunch, white greenish to amber with oval berries middle - large. Firm skin (18 to 22 mm.). Without seed. Early maturity: first fortnight of December. Good cold storage capability.

Black Seedless

It is a very productive vine that produces loose, medium sized clusters. It ripens in January, with large, purplish-black seedless berries of sweet, crisp taste.

Flame Seedless

Conic middle bunch coloured bright red to intense pink. Round middle berry (16 to 20 mm.) crisp, firm, without colour and sweet flesh. Without seeds. Early maturity: first days of December. Good cold storage capability.

Red Globe

It is a moderately vigorous vine, with sparse foliage, loose, large clusters of very attractive appearance. The berries are round and slightly flat, fleshy is with three or four seeds. large in size, coloured pink to red.

Thompson Seedless (Sultanina)

It is a very vigorous vine that produces large clusters. It ripens in mid January. The flesh is firm without seeds. Juicy oval-shaped berries are light green in colour, with sweet, fruity flavour.


Pyramidal and red bunch. Middle and sweet berry. Crispy flesh and firm skin. Middle size of 16 to 19 mm diameter. Without seeds. Maturity: middle of January to middle of February. Long post harvest life (3 to 6 months).

Autumn Royal

The Autumn Royal variety is a large, oval-shaped purple-black grape with a firm texture and a delicious, distinctive flavor. Their dark, firm skin has a whitish cast or bloom. Inside, the flesh is an attractive, translucent yellow-green color. This crisp, sweet-tasting variety makes a delicious snack and beautiful addition to any plate.



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