Delta Seedless

From South Africa, it is similar to Valencia regarding production and fruit size. The quality is good with very few seeds and it ripens some weeks before the Valencia orange.

Lane Late

It is Australian, a mutation of Washington Navel. The tree and fruit are similar to Washington, but for the bark, which is smoother, and the navel, which is smaller and less pronounced. It ripens later than Washington.

Navel Late

A spontaneous mutation of Washington found in Spain, the tree is vigorous and somewhat larger than Washington. The fruit is intense orange, medium sized, with a small, hidden navel and smoother peel. It ripens some time between the Washington and the Lane Late.


It is a mutation of the Washington Navel from California. A vigorous tree, very powerful, it ripens two to four weeks before the Washington Navel, the difference being its long shape and lack of colour.


Originated in Spain, it is a very vigorous and productive tree. The fruit is medium to small sized, with rough, medium thick peel. It is sweet, with almost no pips and it is considered a mid season variety.

Valencia Late

It is one of the most important varieties in the world. A very vigorous tree, with a tendency for upright growth. The fruit is medium to small size, round to oval in shape, yellow to orange coloured, with a smooth thin peel. The flesh is an attractive orange, usually pipless or with only a few pips, of fine rich flavour and aroma and very juicy. It is one of the last to be picked.


It is from South Africa, a mutation of the Valencia Late ripening 2-4 weeks sooner. It is the earliest of the Valencia group. Middle sized, with good colour and a high percent of juice. Few or no seeds at all.

Valencia Seedless

Good sized fruits, pale orange, very juicy with few or no seeds at all. It ripens before the Valencia Late.

Washington Navel

A vigorous and medium sized tree, with a tendency for slightly drooping growth. The fruit is big, of precocious ripening, round to oval, with a well-formed navel. The skin is slightly rough, fragile and easy to peel off. Its colour is intense orange. The segments can be easily separated. The flesh is firm, moderately juicy and with adequate acidity.

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