Clementines & Mandarins


Of excellent commercial characteristics, it has very good colour, few or no seeds at all, a good flavour and is easy to peel. Not well known in our country, it is currently beginning to be planted.

Clementina Fina

The most popular mandarin, it has spread quickly in the last few years. The tree is vigorous, thick and very productive. The fruit is small, with smooth skin an a high content of very sweet juice. It is very aromatic, with few or no seeds at all.

Clementina de Nules

A spontaneous mutation of Fina, it is also a vigorous and productive tree. Of larger fruit than Fina, it ripens some days later, with a long period harvesting.


Hibrid between Clementina Fina and Tangelo Orlando, very good colour and size. It has only a few seeds and a low percentage of juice. Very firm skin adherent to the fruit, it gets ripe later than the Clementinas.


Originated in Florida, United States a big, vigorous tree with a tendency for upright growth. The fruit is small to medium, flat, deep orange coloured with a smooth but loose skin with only a few pips. It has a rich, sweet flavour and a spicy aroma.


Originated in Australia, actually a hybrid of the orange tree and the mandarin. It is a big tree, with a round crown and no thorns. The fruit is large, slightly flattened, with thin, easy to peel orange skin. The flesh is juicy, tasty, with good acid content and few seeds.

Honey Murcott

Originated in Florida. It is very productive, it ripens around the same time as the Valencias. The fruit is medium size, the skin thin and difficult to peel, with seeds and orange yellow in colour.


Jamaican origin. A very vigorous productive tree, the fruit ripens towards the end of the season, together with the Valencia orange. It can remain on the tree for some time, with no loss of commercial qualities. The fruit is medium size, with resistant coloured skin, difficult to peel. It may have a small navel.


Including several varieties like Okitsu or Owari, it is the most resistant to cold, and it is apt for fresh consumption and processing. Medium -large fruit, seedless and very tasty.

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