Navel Oranges

Can be easily spotted by the “belly button.” They are widely regarded as one of the premier eating oranges since they are usually seedless. Because they are easily peeled and sectioned, Navel oranges make great snacks for kids and adults.
Available Oct - Jan

Hamlin Oranges

Have a smooth, thin rind that’s easily cut to create a brightly colored salad or fruit bowl. Like navel oranges, they are seedless with smooth, thin peel and sweet flavor.
Available Oct - Dec

Pineapple Oranges

Are vibrant orange and slightly resembles its tropical namesake fruit in shape, smell, and flavor. Perfect for adding to a main dish or fruit plate. They are equally enjoyable when juiced.
Available Dec-Feb

Temple Oranges

Are regarded as the finest eating orange. They are easy to section and excellent for juicing. The pulp is light orange and yields a semi- sweet, semi-spicy flavor. Peel and eat as a sweet, healthful snack.
Available Jan - Feb

Valencia Oranges

Are by far one of the finest juice oranges. They have a smooth, thin rind and easy to cut. Eat as a snack or use in salads as a garnish or as an ingredient in a main or side dish.
Available Feb - Jun

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