The tree, a very productive and precocious variety, exhibits moderate vigour. The apple is conical, medium to large sized, bright red with a yellowish green tinge on most of the surface. The firm flesh is yellowish white, with its characteristic taste, high acidity, excellent quality and flavour. Good cold storage capability.


This variety was originated in Japan and there are today large numbers of clones (Naga Fu 6, TAC 114,etc). A vigorous and productive tree with biennial tendencies typical of this variety. The apple is large size, the yellow skin is overlaid with a slightly red blush. The flesh is yellowish, firm and very sweet. Harvested in March, it has very good cold storage capability.


It was originated in New Zealand, and at present there are various clones like Imperial Gala, Mondial Gala, Royal Gal, etc. The tree exhibits moderate to high vigour and is extremely productive. The apple is medium size, conical to round in shape. The skin is yellow over a red background, striped depending on the clone. The flesh is cream coloured, sweet, aromatic, with a fine texture.

Granny Smith

Vigorous tree, coming early into production. The fruit is bright green, it can vary to greenish yellow, in favourable zones the colour turns to blushed in one face. It is conical to round in shape very regular and very homogenous. The flesh is firm white and green, very crispy and juicy. The flavour is nice very tendant to acid and aromatic.

Cripps Pink

It was originated in Australia, a very vigorous and upright tree with big leaves, and precocious production. The apple, medium to large sized, yellow in colour overlaid with a distinctive pink blush on most its surface, with firm cream coloured flesh, is crisp, moderately sweet and acid. It is harvested in late April.


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