Hunt Brothers Cooperative Packinghouse

The Hunt Brothers Cooperative packinghouse, operated by Frank M. Hunt III, president and third generation owner, is truly a family business. Hunt Brothers was started in 1922 by Frank’s grandfather, Deeley A. Hunt and Deeley’s brother Charles M. Hunt who were some of the original grower members of the Florida Citrus Exchange, what is now Seald Sweet.

Just as his father and grandfather, Frank has spent most of this life in the packinghouse and growing citrus in the heart of Florida. Frank attests that paying close attention to the health of the oranges in the grove brings better fruit to the packinghouse and ultimately to the consumer. He utilizes systems that reduce the use of water, fertilizer, chemical and fuel to grow each crop with a quality of fruit above industry standards. He believes it’s the key to staying competitive in a global economy.

Today Frank along with his son and several other members of the Hunt family, continue to grow the highest quality fruit possible, through a set of uncompromising values and philosophy established by his father and grandfather long ago. "If you’re going to stay in business, you’ve got to do what you need for the best fruit."

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