Ben Hill Griffin

Growing up as a fourth generation citrus grower on his father’s side, and third generation on his mother’s side has taught Hill a deep love for the land. He prides his grove operation on environmental stewardship, as it helps to recharge the aquifer, generate oxygen and provide a home for an abundance of wildlife. Many of the family’s decisions in the grove are made to accommodate both the health of the citrus trees and the land they grow from. After all, their land is what he considers the best place in the world to grow fruit. "We are very fortunate to grow Florida oranges."

The Florida climate, soil type and abundant sunshine produce the best quality citrus in the world. It is just plain rewarding to produce a healthy and delicious citrus crop from the soil every year”. As he and his wife, Pia, grow their family he hopes to harvest many more crops to come.

"My father taught me early on that as a citrus grower, there would be good years and not so good years. High fruit prices followed by low prices, pest and decease challenges, etc. Every year will be different, perseverance is part of the job description."

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