Be Fruitful

Get Connected

In addition to our current efforts, we at Seald Sweet are challenging our team and the entire Fresh Produce industry to Be Fruitful & Serve.

Here are just a few ways to Be Fruitful:

1. Contribute your time – volunteer in your community

2. Contribute your talent – be a mentor

3. Contribute your treasure – donate to a charity or organization of your choice.

4. Challenge yourself and others on your team to one kind act a day

Today the fast paced world of business makes it difficult to focus on investing in your family and community. We would like to encourage you to challenge yourself to perform an act of kindness each day, make it a goal to help someone in need or find a charity you turst and support a cause.

Some of Seald Sweets fruits:

Here are a few of the foundations Seald Sweet supports.

  • The Fisher House Foundation: funds from Seald Sweet summer citrus programs benefit U.S. military families.
  • The Mouton Foundation: profits from citrus production help fund community centers, educational facilities and many other projects which benefit farm workers and their families in South Africa.
  • UNIVEG Group: multitude of volunteer projects & charity events.

We are very thankful for these opportunities and are challenging ourselves to do even more. Now we challenge you. Find ways to connect, give back or pay it forward. Give of your time, your talents & your treasures. Get connected and be fruitful.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you and your company can plug into a fruitful activity..

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